Murphys Creek
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Track Description
Nice and local to Toowoomba. Got a bit of everything, some nice hill climbs, couple of good mud pits.. Just beware of bikes.. They\'re evrywhere!
Track Logs
User ID Log Vehicle Date
54684 Could find no tracks anywhere in the area. A lot of signs about some po$&ter mx riders calling the cops if we were to enter what seemed to be a decent area. Mazda BT-50 Dec 27, 2014
4761 Could no longer gain access through any of the motocross club property, some other tracks are still open for now. Mitsubishi Triton Dec 1, 2013
27385 Was bumbling around the Murphys Creek area and saw the sign limiting access to 4x4 and then only in dry. With wifey driving we took the week old 70 Series Cruiser in and had a quick test of its capabilities. Did not stay long as the unit is still in first 1000 km run in period but will be back Toyota Landcruiser Apr 22, 2012
20785 A great & challenging track. Plenty of bog holes which most often cannot be avoided unfortunately. You can clearly see the damage done to the tracks after the heavy rain in January. Never have I driven tracks with deep ruts/washouts snaking along them for a good portion of the drive before. Most of the washouts are on the down hill sections, and it would indeed be easier driving the track from Murphy's Creek to Toowoomba ascending instead of descending. Some areas do get the blood pumping & require a navigator in front of the car telling you where to point your tyres so you don't drop a wheel into a 2 to 4 foot deep washout. We only stuck to the main track going directly to Murphy's Creek and it was challenging enough in places. There are side tracks everywhere and we'll have a look at them soon with a convoy of 3 cars. It's advisable to have at least one other car with you on this drive and pack recovery gear. Some areas are very slow going and require walking the track first. Suspension travel will get a thorough workout. Toyota Prado Aug 13, 2011
1365 Toyota Landcruiser Apr 23, 2010