Murrindindi Mud Plugger
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This was an extremly fun and dangerous track. I have travelled it in summer and winter and each time there was plenty of water/mud holes along the way. Watch out because you can receive some panel damage and water/mud may get into the gearbox( I highly recommend having a snorkel on your 4x4). The track has a modertely hard creek crossing at Kalatha Creek right near the end and gives you the option of turning back to Yarra Glen (left) or (right) will lead you to the Melba Highway which is north of Yarra Glen. Remember that in wet conditions this trek may take quite abit longer and be more difficult and possibly cause damage to your vechile. These areas also have many camping sites along the way so please be aware of others and take your rubbish with you as this area should be for all to enjoy!


PHS Update:
Well i thought id add a bit more information to actually do this track as there is none?

enter off spraggs rd toolangi
turn left onto victoria range rd (trk starts here) turn right onto flat trk turn right onto victoria range rd follow onto marginal rd turn left onto hills rd turn right onto pines trk turn left onto martins rd after the bridge next t intersection turn left turn right onto kalatha creek trk onto marginal rd..... (trk finish\'s)

and this trk. is likely to do some sort of damage to your car from scratchs to water in your gear box to panel damage, rutts and bog holes are deep and keep getting deeper trk conditions change very often out here as its a highly used 4x4 playground....

good luck

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