New Turkey Spur track
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Wow this track was wet and undoable on the 18th July 2009, my AT tyres were useless in the slippery clay. We entered from Lwr Bennies rd and got a few hundred meters up and that was it. Heavely rutted wet slippery clay, just rediculesly difficult(even motor bikes were struggling).The photos say more than i can.
Track Logs
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41089 had a go at this a couple months ago in my Pajero, with a hilux as well, was good but overgrown, went in from the northern end, from the logging section, good until the final slopes, HEAVILY rutted, by something with muddies, enough to swallow a car whole, chickened out, turned around. Mitsubishi Pajero Jun 27, 2013
10962 Tried going up this section on 35" muddies with no joy. Massive ruts and high sides. Winching required.....I'm going back to conquer it! Nissan Patrol Nov 28, 2009
1430 Did the full length of this one until we found the tricky bit. Luckily we were heading down hill. Still required a winch out about half way down. Ended up in ruts in the grader run off. Impossible in the wet going up hill. Looking forward to trying this one again in the dry. Mitsubishi Pajero Jul 26, 2009