Newman to Kalgan Pool
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This is a \"day out\" from Newman.

You can start in Newman after visiting the Tourist Centre, where they say you need a Permit from BHP to drive the track. They will issue you one while you wait. I think this is only necessary as you cross over one of their haul roads. We didn\'t know this as we didn\'t go by the tourist centre, but met people there who had. They also told us that camping was not allowed, but as we didn\'t know, we camped, as did another vehicle which arrived late at night.

The turn off from the Nullagine gravel road is very difficult to find and weaves around a bit across the rail line, the haul road, under a bridge and on your way. We did actually see a brown tourist sign on a post indicating the way, but this was old and weather beaten.

The track can be badly washed out after rains and in the wet could be mudy with some small water crossings. In teh dry it is very badly corrugated and the track doesn\'t look like it is maintained.

The end of the track is at a year-round fresh water pool at the base of a cliff and is in a sort of small but wide gorge.  There\'s the obligatory piece of rope with a log attached to it hanging from a overhanging tree for those who want to swim.

The pool is used by the local wildlife including cows, plenty of birds and dingos.

A pleasant site for a picnic, with evidence of campfires.

It\'s about 67km from Newman to Kalgan Pool, but will take 1 1/2 to 2 hrs to drive it.

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