Nimmo road - Gungarlin River
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This Track starts off Eucumbene road and at the start you don't even need to be engaged in 4wd. You will reach a bridge called Nimmo bridge. It is a very smoooth bridge but if you feel like getting right into the 4wding you can turn left before you get to it to drive through the river. This river is about 80cm deep in winter. Once you cross the Nimmo bridge, or the Eucumbene river, the track starts to climb uphill. The road is quite rough once you get to this stage but still easy. During Winter there may well be snow on the track. To your right, when crossing under the first time, there will be a track that follows the powerlines. There are some very steep ascents but you may have to sacrifice some paintwork to get to the steep sections. Otherwise, if you stay on the track, you cross the high voltage powerlines twice. The second time gives you stunning views in both NE and SW directions. This is where the track under the powerline meets back up. You will pass a private property gate (potentially open) as you make a 90 degree left turn. There is a 300m straight downhill section which is mostly rock. It reached a maximum of about a 22 degree slope so it is not vital to be in low range.It can get a bit muddy at the bottom. Once you reach the bottom you have a choice of either a bridge or a river crossing. The river crossing has a partially sand base but mostly smooth rocks (You don't want to get bogged there because the water is FREEZING even in summer).
This river is good for fishing in the summer. When I went (winter) the crossing was a very similar depth to the one earlier at Nimmo bridge (80cm) and fast flowing. There are a few side tracks and walking tracks (there is a walking track near the Eucumbene river crossing) going who knows where but they look fun, just be sure to check they are not private property.

Track Logs
User ID Log Vehicle Date
42069 Mitsubishi Pajero Jun 16, 2014
38747 great track, was very busy at easter! Toyota Prado Mar 29, 2013
27087 nice drive Nissan Patrol Aug 8, 2012
41007 Dry track, very easy on AT tyres. Mitsubishi Pajero Apr 6, 2012