Nyrripi to Sandy Blight Junction Track
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This track is mostly used for travel between the communities of Nyrripi and Kintore. It is very remote and sees very little traffic. There were two tragic deaths a few years ago when travellers broke down and the occupants had no water or communications. On passing through the community of Waite River, the track continues NW to the Nyrripi out station and then turns SW. The track is in good condition here and passes a native well that sometimes has potable water. After entering dune country the track deteriorates. It runs long distances along a swale, crosses a dune, then folds back along the adjacent swale. This is repeated many times. Large distances are travelled for not much gain. We left the track to find a confluence point (see confluence.org) at 23S 130E. This involved about 18 km of off track driving. The track finally arrives at the Sandy Blight Junction after a long straight run to the south. The track is hidden by a large barrier at the Junction so driving along the Desert Road you would never see it! The track offers the traveller remote dune country camping, and a passage from the Tanami to the NW of Yuendumu, though to the Desert Road and then W into WA or S along the SBJT. Permits and permission from TOs are required.

To travel this track, a minimum of three separate Aboriginal permits will be required. Two for Western Australia, one for travelling from Warakurna along the Great Central Road to the Sandy Blight Junction Track turn off, one permit travelling the Sandy Blight Junction Track while in Western Australia and another permit for travelling the Sandy Blight Junction Track while in the Northern Territory and on to Kintore. Depending on which way you will be travelling from Kintore, you will then require further permits from the below Aboriginal bodies. The two bodies that handle the Permits are:

Ngaanyatjarra Council
For people travelling through Aboriginal Land in the Central Reserves of Western Australia to, or from the NT border to Laverton, the permit is obtained online from the Ngaanyatjarra Council website www.Ngaanyatjarra.org.au Their contact email address is ngcouncil@ngaanyatjarra.org.au

Central Land Council (CLC)
For people travelling through Aboriginal Land in the Northern Territory to, or from the WA border to Yulara, you need to use the Central Land Council website www.clc.org.au to obtain your permit. Their contact email address is permits@clc.org.au

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