Old Strezlecki track
About the Track
Track Description

Long hard drive this track is, road conditions can change very quickly from smooth to rough.

lots of Bull dust holes and a dusty  rough  drive.

But very much worth the trip, lots of different scenery and landscapes.

the new strezlecki track isnt too bad with average speed around 80+ kilometres an hour.

were the Old strezlecki track is a lot slower with average of 40 to 60 kilometres an hour, due to maintenance not being done to it like the new track.

Slipped trailer springs on this track as well as radiator overflow water bottle. besides this a great trip.

Track Logs
User ID Log Vehicle Date
50812 Track was blocked off with a mound of dirt and flags at the Innamincka end, we figured a temporary detour was in place as the sign back toward Innaminka showed the track as open. Anyway after a quick tour of the local Santos operations and no further evidence of a detour we headed back and around the dirt pile and onto the track. Once we'd worked that out the track was dry and presented no trouble whatsoever. LandRover Discovery Feb 8, 2015
26113 Corrugated in places and soft sand in places. Low tyre pressures were the key. Nissan Xtrail Aug 15, 2013
29251 Nissan Patrol Jun 21, 2009
29251 Nissan Patrol Aug 30, 2000