Old Walhalla - Coach Rd
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Track Description

Old coach Rd from Walhalla to Bruntons bridge.

The track is currently closed on the other side of the river due to bridge being burnt in the 06/07 summer fires. 


GippsSurfer Update:

Track is now re-open all the way from Walhalla, thru Bruntons bridge river crossing to Cowwar Rd.  From there you can head back towards the main Rd or take numerous detours into forestry areas towards Toongabbie / Glengarry 

Track Logs
User ID Log Vehicle Date
59749 main part of river low, about 30cm. The Walhalla entry was the deepest, being around 50cm LandRover Freelander 2 Jun 27, 2015
48921 easy drive Nissan Navara Jun 9, 2014
6866 Toyota Landcruiser Sep 24, 2009
5152 cruisy drive river not deep just above knee height not bad Toyota Landcruiser Jul 1, 2009
2387 Toyota Landcruiser Feb 4, 2009
1430 Did this track from Heyfield to Walhalla on Saturday 3rd Jan 2009. Bridge has just been re-opened, but there are still signs in place saying road closed. Good track which I did with the family. Would suit all weather and was an easy one Mitsubishi Pajero Jan 3, 2009
2 The track was very easy. Quite suitable for 2WD or AWDs, all the way to the River crossing at Brunton Bridge. The water was a max of 50cm and flowing moderately swiftly. There are 2 crossings available at the railway bridge. The Right hand entrance moves down into the river and along for about 30 meters before exiting on the far side, this is fairly easy and the shallower of the two. The second crossing is straight across. It is deeper and the more difficult of the two. Today it was about the limit of the Patriots fording capability. It started running out of momentum on the crossing and required a little persuasion to keep on. I wouldn't want to go much deeper. :) Jeep Patriot Mar 22, 2008
285 Very good condition - Track closed from Bruntons bridge on other side of river... Toyota Hilux Feb 1, 2008
648 Nissan Patrol Nov 20, 2007
661 Toyota Prado Nov 20, 2007
774 Toyota Landcruiser Oct 7, 2007