Ollera Creek
About the Track
Track Description

Track from the highway to Ollera.

 Lots of variety, easyish tracks to holes that will swallow your truck.

 There is a track from the highway straight to the beach, as well as some that follow the creek down. Also hooks up to the powerline trails but I\'m unsure if you can follow them far. You can also drive along the beach if you\'re keen.

 Usually lots of traffic, so be careful, but it\'s a good spot for a wheel or a swim or a BBQ depending when you go!

Track Logs
User ID Log Vehicle Date
46675 The swap section on the way out to the beach was pretty chewed up, a Hilux and a Patrol were bogged overnight and recovered. Both extensive damage, mostly sustained through recovery methods. Still got a Rav4 through with us though. Plenty of clear water in creek, rest of track is easy. Few dirty puddles. Holden Colorado Apr 21, 2014
45658 Mostly dry with a few puddles good fun first time taking my Suzuki off road Suzuki Grand Vitara Jan 26, 2014
40082 Jeep Wrangler May 27, 2013
38849 Mostly dry with a few puddles Nissan Navara Mar 17, 2013
31299 Very easy track in the dry. A lot of traffic on weekends. Good for bikes/quads. When we reached the beach, we were disgusted by the amount of rubbish people have dumped out there. Nissan Patrol Oct 4, 2012
2523 good fun loads of tracks Mazda BT-50 Sep 9, 2012
27496 Nissan Navara Aug 13, 2012
6330 Bit difficult getting through the mud on the way out with the boat as it rained the night before. It's a great track close to Townsville to learn and have fun on. Toyota Hilux Apr 12, 2009
38080 Toyota Landcruiser Aug 9, 2006
3241 Toyota Hilux Aug 9, 2006
3036 Been down there a few times. Last time we were there there was a bit of mud, a few deep washouts. it was a good drive. Holden Rodeo