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this is a very short and hard trk enter off oregan rd a few mins in you\'ll see the turn off on your left stright up its clay its soft and steep go\'s up, down a bit and up again like a rollercoaster tyres and lift will be needed in the dry it took me numerous attempts to get up, after the first steep climb it hooks sharp left with some soft mud then hooks right and sright up again like befor but even better has a few rock boulders at the top to climb. this trk will test the best of them to complete unassisted in the wet.....

 the first photo is the turn off from oregan trk. 

 if you decide to go stright instead of turning left up this short trk it will lead you to a few more very difficult but beautiful areas right next to aire river in a few spots now iv been told there is an old river crossing but unfortunetly 4x4ers dont travel these trks enough and alot of the track network is heavly over grown. but could be done with a group of well set up 4x4\'s

ill try to explain the 4x4 track network at the end of oregan trk. here i go.

you\'ll enter with a short steep dropin then down a clay hill at the bottom you\'ll you\'ll come to a + intersection

LEFT: will lead you through a section of rutts and bog holes LOTS of mud here then it comes to a more open area with a playground of bog holes, lots of trees covering most sunlight from eva drying up the water, then further ahead it gets very good you need to zig zag your way through the bog hole playground you\'ll have 2 options, sort of straight will lead you no where as the track just stops, but left will lead you up a hill and down a long trk i call fern trk. i didnt get to finish it so im not sure where it goes but it was a hard section of trk lots of deep rutts, clay, mud, creek crossings, cut in\'s, the lot. it is very nice on the eye its driveing right through the rain forest ferns every where little to no sunlight on the trk. i can tell you it does go for at least 1 - 2 kms solid of rutts and bog holes very narrow the hole way, you would not have any where to turn around for a large section of trk. P.s: really a very hard but good trk. would love to get up there with a few well set up rigs and finish it.

STRAIGHT: broken up sections of bog holes and rutts, you need to really look out for where the holes are as some sections are over grown so much you cant see the holes till your in them. after you find all the dead ends you will eventually get to a section thats straight with with lots of rutts and infeasted with blue berry bush\'s, once again you cant really see the rutts right in front of you till you get hooked up on them as i did and its not fun haveing to climb out your window straight into blue berry bushs 5 foot high NOT COOL!!!!!

RIGHT: didnt get time to travel it but have a feeling it loops around from the trk that goes straight . will confirm next time im there and update.



As said down that was referd to as fern track there are a lot of big holes I wouldn\'t try to do this track unless you have minium of 35s and a good winch and another 4x4 set up.I went all the way through the track with a mate and his 4x4 it would be about 10-15 km long and took us 4 hour to get form one end to the other and alot of winching. i was running 36\'\' tyres and my mate had 35s. We went through during winter would be a bit easyer in summer but still a hard track. 

Track Logs
User ID Log Vehicle Date
10810 whent in a mates 4wd was very wet and boggy didn't complete the track Ford Courier Jun 26, 2010
5103 looking to attempt Nissan Patrol Jul 18, 2009