Original Hervey Range Road (Page Road)
About the Track
Track Description

  This track was the original road from 1865 as a way to travel from Townsville to the west. What normally took a full day to travel can be done in 10min on the new road. Google Earth/Maps places the road as \"Page Rd\", it is gazetted and if you start from Herveys Range Development Road it is very easy. There are some tracks which after 1km of travel lead you to finally end up at the former Greenvale Rail track (with some trick sections of over grown track and major wash outs) but you will reach at powerline. Turning left and you will follow the track cleared but Ergon and can be slippery and currently is very extreme with major washouts and steep declines. Turn Right and you travel the former track which leads to an old powered hut, some bottles, telegraph line and some graves dated back to 1866. Great time to spend the day checking the tracks out and following some history. Good swimming holes when it has had some good rain.


Track Logs
User ID Log Vehicle Date
30059 The main track is pretty easy. Nice steep descent/ascent a couple of k's in. Looks like Ergon have graded the track recently. Couldn't find the track to the rail line. May be too overgrown? Anyone got trip notes to give a better idea? Toyota Landcruiser Nov 23, 2014
44683 boulders across track at old rail line , huge washouts , locals don't want you there but still gazetted rd Toyota Landcruiser Dec 6, 2013
3241 Track was washed out from recent rain, as I never had a shovel I had to turn back before the bottom. There's also gates at start of track now but they were open Toyota Hilux Mar 24, 2013
3241 Toyota Hilux Nov 15, 2012
3241 Had a bit of a play there, some steep side tracks leading off (Ergon tracks to power poles). Going back when I have more time to explore Toyota Hilux Nov 15, 2012