Pacific Pines
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Been here a couple of times over the last 2 years. Great when its wet but have been told recently that signs have been put up indicating closure and that fines apply. For pictures see my link to aussiejeepimages


Track Logs
User ID Log Vehicle Date
21827 went in for a look with mate, a great place for a play lots of different types of tracks from smooth to rutty to boggy mud pits to try out . lots of deep bog holes so test before u go through all up great fun Toyota Landcruiser Apr 27, 2014
38178 Been here several times through multiple entrances and the track is different each time especially after the rain it just becomes insanely slippery Mitsubishi Challenger Aug 16, 2013
41612 Tried to go here today but signs up saying Private Property, trespasses will be procecuted. The land is owned by Hanson concrete so didn't wanna come across anyone wanting to ask me to leave. There are about 3 entrances along Smith Street but enough signs for you take notice. Nissan Patrol Jul 14, 2013
30886 some rough rutted areas, bog holes goog fun, bring recovery gear just in case Toyota Landcruiser Sep 1, 2012
30695 great fun, few boggy water holes, a mate and a snatch strap came in handy. Wouldn't suggest going after the rain, few deep water crossings. Toyota Hilux Aug 5, 2012
25409 wow this place holds its water hasnt rained in 3 weeks and still as soaked as ever. overall got stuck towed out and broke a cv. great fun! make sure you go with someone or have appropriate recovery gear or you wont get far no matter how rigged out your truck is. twin locked cruiser with 35s wasnt making it through :s Ford Ranger May 12, 2012
24726 Small entry off smith street. Doable with 31s. Jeep Cherokee Dec 30, 2011
23994 We went after the rain, not a good idea if you do not have the right gear (winch etc), we got stuck in the mud only twenty meters in. I would like to try it in the dry. Mitsubishi Challenger Nov 27, 2011
22303 Toyota Landcruiser Sep 11, 2011
19161 Holden Rodeo Jun 4, 2011
10170 Great fun. Quite difficult in places. Mitsubishi Pajero Mar 30, 2010
10006 Nice drive. Ford Explorer Feb 3, 2010
18180 be very careful of this place some holes used to be 3-4 meters deep now they are shallow ALWAYS test the depth apart from that its fairly flat decent little technical creek run standard cars are fine here with a buddy + recovery gear, beware the holes Nissan Patrol
1907 great fun track nice creek crossing Toyota Hilux Nov 9, 2008
1693 Mitsubishi Pajero Sep 26, 2008