Penrose - Penrose State Forest
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Track Description

A lot of well mapped trails in the state forest. It makes for a nice break when travelling along the Hume Highway. Signage states that road users must be prepared to stop at any time, so it does not appear to be restricted access. Its a very easy set of trails, though I did manage to find one a little bit more tricky. Can access from either direction from the Hume Highway.

Track Logs
User ID Log Vehicle Date
41572 Stopped past here on our way to Canberra to break up the trip. Not a place to go out of your way for but if you are passing through there's a "ghost boat" that moves around every few years. Nothing exciting really but could be interesting if there were a few people racing to find it. The boat has since moved since the photo in the article was taken. Aside from that if there's been a bit of rain around there's some good mud puddles and ruts to play in. Mitsubishi Challenger Jul 18, 2013
31334 good tracks with some mud and rutts Mitsubishi Challenger Sep 5, 2012
27555 Very easy Toyota Landcruiser Jul 30, 2011
11451 Toyota Hilux Aug 10, 2010
12401 Didnt think much of the place, lots of rubbish dumped and loggers make a mess of the place. although I did find a nice spot for dinner with a view of the sunset. Toyota Landcruiser Oct 29, 2009