Phone Track
About the Track
Track Description

Phone Track starts either at the top of Mount Hickey Road (Mountain Track) going down and joins on to Ennis Road and Gap Track.
Just a word of warning this track is Very Difficult and requires a rig that has high clearance, Do not attempt alone and watch out for the bull ants as they hurt!

Track Logs
User ID Log Vehicle Date
39493 Drove it without any hassle. Would not attempt in the wet. Tons of loose rocks, some trackbuilding made it easier. Nissan Patrol Feb 22, 2015
45863 Very steep.. very sharp rocks but made it up and done in stock range rover sport with 20's..not recommended without a modified high lift and big tyres.. LandRover Range Rover Sport Apr 26, 2014
45494 Very rutted and technical loved it Toyota Hilux Mar 23, 2014
42485 Gnarly track! Got the Wrangler up without too much trouble. Very technical track. Expect damage if you don't have 33'' mud tires, lift and rock sliders! Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Jan 12, 2014
44744 Good technical track. High difficulty. Loved it, and yes- I was bitten twice by the big bull-ants on this track. Toyota Hilux Dec 5, 2013
29149 NICE! Nissan Patrol Jun 9, 2012
22218 Nissan Patrol Oct 2, 2011
11056 Nissan Patrol Mar 1, 2011
6015 good track Nissan Patrol Mar 1, 2011
187 Toyota Hilux Dec 27, 2008