Point Plomer to North Shore
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The track from Point Plomer to North Shore of Port Macquarie should only be attempted by vehicles with ground clearance and 4wd is required if the wet.  The other option to run down the beach closer to low tide but you do need a permit.  The road is full of small water holes and can get a bit deep in some.  All it is a slow run through the area.  It is track to get from Crescent Head to Port Macquarie without heading back to the highway.  No side tracks worth any comments but some good photo spots. 

Track Logs
User ID Log Vehicle Date
41848 Pretty simple track. Did it 4 times in 4 days ona surf trip. Was pretty chopped up so keep the speed down. Managed to find the bump stops more than once. Plenty of puddles but bases are all solid so traction never a problem. Beats going up the freeway! Toyota Landcruiser Mar 8, 2015
55265 Completed track in standard Jimny. Is good fun after a bit of rain. Some puddles quite deep but easy to do. We started track at North Shore which is the rougher end, by Limeburner nature reserve it's just rough and unmaintaned gravel. You can access beach at Limeburner by paying $7.00 at a unattended pay station. Recommend this track. Suzuki Sierra Jan 30, 2015
33944 Backyard beaches gotta love them Nissan Patrol Mar 13, 2014
42049 Started this track at crescent head first section very sandy with medium depth ruts, great fun for the kids as you can jump onto the beach at several locations, beware you will have to ferry across to port mac or its a long way back around to freeway. Ford Maverick Aug 4, 2013
35281 Went from Point Plomer to North Shore, no dramas in my Forester but was dry as. Bumpy, with muddy sections, sandy sections...bit of a mix! Would be a way different story in the wet! I am not sure if I would make it after some decent rain. Good fun in the dry though. Subaru Forester Jan 5, 2013
27576 Was dry when i went through too but you can see it could be deep in some areas Toyota FJ Cruiser Apr 22, 2012
27390 Track was bone dry, just some small mud holes. Can see that few would be quite deep over bonnet when full of water. Fun track, kids had a blast in back seat. Ford Ranger Apr 7, 2012
17562 This track was dry when I did it and could be done in 2WD, would be a very different story in the wet!! Very bumpy and slow going. Nissan Patrol Apr 5, 2012
13633 fun track! did this about a month after the hastings flooded and some of the ponds were over the bonnet. eastern side of these puddles definitely shallower... Toyota Hilux Jul 5, 2011
5596 Good alternative to the highway. Great surfing/fishing along the beach and at Point Plomer. Not too difficult can be done in AWD vechiles. Nissan Patrol Jan 11, 2011
2084 go there next trip Nissan Navara Jan 1, 2011
11196 not a bad little track for the beginner. has some small water holes and sandy sections. slow going as it is also bumpy in the middle section. a few turnoffs allowing access to the beach. Nissan Patrol Aug 31, 2010
10367 I grew up on the mid north coast surfing and this track ha seen many different cars of mine even an EH wagon! The last time i was there was in aug 09 still a good drive! Great surf at the other end! Nissan Patrol Mar 7, 2010
10013 very fun track. i did it in the opposite tho. north beach to point plommer and to cresent head. Toyota Landcruiser Jan 14, 2009