Point Riley Road
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Track Description

The best part is where I have placed the location flag. It consists of a dozen slopes varying from gradual to the south & to fairly Steep to the north, which are good fun up and down. There is also a sandy area just in from this to play around in. All of this can be seen clearly if you change the map view to \'satallite\'.

Once finished playing here, if you head north up Point Riley Road you\'ll find some good (mainly sandy) spots to muck around in just off the side of the road.


Track Logs
User ID Log Vehicle Date
50397 Ford Maverick Jul 10, 2014
40552 Drove this today. Wasn't bad, but I wouldn't make a special trip. If you're in the area and feel like a few hours of entertainment go for it. Terrain was quite easy. A few of the hill climbs take some courage though. Jeep Cherokee Apr 4, 2014
7017 Some fun short hill climbs. some easy, some there that would break your car. Nissan Patrol Oct 1, 2012
23876 As described, a series of short hill climbs, each getting steeper to being near impossible. A good bit of fun for couple of hours or a lunch spot if near Wallaroo/in the area. A bit more dune work up north, no camping allowed according to signs, thats not to say other people were though. Nissan Patrol Dec 6, 2011