Pooginook Conservation Park Track
About the Track
Track Description

An easy track which could be traversed in 2wd.  The only issue would be ground clearance so an AWD like a Rav4 would do it easy.  There is a campsite a few km in from the main entrance.  No real amenities only some tables and benchs.  A relaxing drive and if slowly driven in late afternoon would be quite full of roos to be seen.  Unfortunately most of the park had a fire go through recently so very little cover for the animals when we saw it.

Time: under 2 hrs leisurely, This track is not often used and somewhat remote.  Be aware of low hanging branches and your aerials.

Track Logs
User ID Log Vehicle Date
13661 nice track, great place for a BBQ lunch, been there done that. Toyota Landcruiser Jun 8, 2013
11015 Easy track with a little bit of sand & a few rocks. as others said, can be done in 2wd but I always like to have it 4wd just in case. good break from the bitumen for an hour on way back to Morgan. Toyota Prado Sep 11, 2011
11737 We did this track today, saw absolute no sign of any wild life, wouldnt bother unless you have a lot of free time on your hands. Mitsubishi Outlander Jul 17, 2010
4057 Did this track at night, which was interesting. Track is good and didnt get out of 2wd. A good track for someone to cut their teeth on and use the 4wd, with no worries of any hassels or coming unstuck. Track hasnt been used for a while, but still not bad. Its very green and lots of ground cover and roos. Enjoy it! Toyota Hilux May 19, 2010