Power line track off watagan forest rd jilliby
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Stumbled upon this track hear yesterday with a couple of mates. Good start with some deep mud and water runs, deeps ruts to test the suspension and further on down some rock work and steep rutted out decents. Not sure where it was leading to as we didnt get to finish it as it seemed to get quite a bit harder for our vehichle set up. Wouldnt recomend it in the wet as it will just churn it up more and wreck it for the rest of us. Good fun track though.

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24376 Good fun, best wheel I've had in a good time, gets a bit tough down near the bottom towards the bog holes but was still a great day out. Make sure you have at least 1 vehicle with a winch and don't go it alone. In our convoy, we had 2 GU patrols, my zook and a paj, all got down pretty well but didn't want to get stuck in Roothy's notorious bog holes so turned back and there'd be no chance of getting back up without a winch, and that's before you start going up the hill. One of the GU's had muddies, all the rest of us had AT's with good tread and none of us had a chance without winching. If you have the gear, give it a shot, bloody brilliant, be prepared to use your flex Suzuki Vitara Mar 18, 2012