Power Line Track
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Track Description

Great track with a bit of everything.

Most of the hard parts have alternative routes(chicken route).

Would advise not to do this track without the support of another vehicle, preferably experenced.

Track does get a bit heary in the wet as rock climbs get very slippery.

Durring winter this track would be Track Grade :"Difficult".

Track Logs
User ID Log Vehicle Date
58462 Love this track it's my local plae love going there Nissan Navara Apr 12, 2015
58462 Love this track it's my local plae love going there Nissan Navara Apr 12, 2015
49900 bloody good fun, done it a couple of times now, great track no matter if its dry or wet either way there are some awesome challenges and kinda scary descents in which it felt like i was rolling over Toyota Landcruiser Jun 24, 2014
39758 Getting more rutted out every time, still not as difficult as it once was. Needs to rain so it will dampen the dust a bit. Suzuki Sierra Apr 6, 2013
31181 Nissan Navara Aug 9, 2012
30788 great track really tuff in areas but we had and awesome day ended up in york !!! Ford Ranger Aug 3, 2012
25513 A bit muddy after the downpour on Thursday and very busy being a long weekend. Nissan Navara Jun 3, 2012
35703 Toyota Landcruiser May 12, 2012
25654 Hve to do Nissan Terrano Mar 18, 2012
23661 Lots of fun, the g/f does some sections, the kids either love it or start crying haha Watch out for our little KIA surprising ppl on the track ;) Kia Sportage Nov 5, 2011
22805 did the last 2 or 3 stages on the Mundaring end. only a few wet spots. Mitsubishi Triton Sep 15, 2011
12637 Jeep Wrangler Aug 23, 2010
11995 Toyota Hilux Jul 9, 2010
5555 access at Sawyers Valley prohibited with signs posted, access at Flynn Rd, go through to Talbot Rd then back again... been heaps always changing, fun in the wet! Toyota Hilux Apr 11, 2010
10075 did it again with a large group... very fun indeed Holden Jackaroo Mar 21, 2010
10075 good track not as hard as its made out to be, would like to do it in the wet.... Holden Jackaroo Feb 21, 2010
5874 Nissan Patrol Jun 10, 2009
20258 Mitsubishi Pajero May 15, 2006