Quart Pot Gollarribee Circuit
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Starting from Runnyord Road, turn left on to Ross Ridge Road. At the intersection with Quart Pot Road turn right and follow to Gollarribee Firetrail. Turn left and follow back to Quart Pot Road.
This circuit is a track of two parts. Quart Pot Road is a gentle drive that undulates through some mild hills and farming land (watch out for cattle) with a number of small creek crossings. In good conditions this track can me negotiated with ease, but would probably become slippery after rain and some of the creek crossing may get a bit high. Also it gets a bit narrow in parts so watch out for your duco and for those that get bored there are lots of tracks off to the side.
The Gollarribee Firetrail is a much more exciting prospect, with a rocky switchback track rapidly taking you from around 50 metres up to around 650 metres in altitude. The drive down the other side onto Gollarribee Road and back to Quart Pot is a much more sedate drive.
This track offers an interesting range of terrain, from gentle rolling hills, to rocky, steep trails, and offers many interesting views and side tracks along the way. Allow at least 3 hours.

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