Red Hill track - Tallarook
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Track Description

Wouldn't recommend in wet conditions

Red Hill Track is washed out, rutted with rock ledges, very steep. Would be almost impossible to get up in the wet, and i would be careful going down as the river at the bottom if high, you would not get across. I went up with lockers in without any trouble.

Track Logs
User ID Log Vehicle Date
35891 Would be almost impassible in wet .Need high clearance and locker came in handy very rutted Nissan Patrol Nov 29, 2013
29149 Nissan Patrol Jun 9, 2012
29149 Nissan Patrol Jun 9, 2012
12599 Very rutted and slippery red clay. Went down no problems going up was another storey diffed out on 33"s Toyota Hilux Mar 5, 2012
4184 that extreme track but Very Washed Out due to recent rain Nissan Patrol Dec 19, 2010
6015 It was the last days of my Toyata Nissan Patrol Mar 20, 2009