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Did a section of this track on Sat 01 08 09, after doing the Suckling track loop from the top of Tolleys track we turned right into an unamed track which turned out to be a quagmire of clay, I was stuck up there for over an hour and had to winch myself down the hill eventually coming out at Suckling track again. I know that this track goes on for a long way the other way as I went past the entrance to it while exiting the park on Vesper rd.
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2373 Drove down this track to get to the camp site on Suckling Rd. Rained over night, so packed up to move to a better camp. The winches got the best workout they had had for a while, 3 vehicles, 2 with winches = 11kms/9.5hrs Nissan Patrol May 21, 2012
14603 Toyota Prado Mar 13, 2011
14393 Did this saturday after the suckling loop off tolleys track. The steep uphill section was very rutted and washed out but made it up with minimal trouble. Toyota Landcruiser Mar 5, 2011
6015 Need a new rear bar now. Nissan Patrol Mar 7, 2010
5325 Went up Reference with a group of 5 (3 4runners, 1 surf, and 1 Landrover) the track was slippery in some spots and we sent one of the 4 runners up first with AT tyres. Took about 45 minutes to get him up there with heaps of track building. The other 4 vehicles walked straight up it with muddies and lockers. I can see how this track can turn treacherous with some rain. Toyota Hilux Surf
1430 Did this again, but this time in the wet. Had been raining for a good couple of hours. Impossible to get up, only one way down, and that is out of control, totally. Check out the YouTube clip Mitsubishi Pajero Aug 29, 2009
1430 Did this track after doing Suckling Track. No rain for a day and a half, but still very wet, muddy and slippery. Could only go down this track, almost impossible in the wet going up. Make sure you have recovery gear if trying this one. Mitsubishi Pajero Aug 9, 2009