Riddells Creek
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This area is moderate to difficult. At the intersection drive straight in. Numerous tracks Climb all the way up to the WP (water point) and do turn around on each other. A few mud holes, some for the beginners with a couple of long ones as well all near the fire trails. Get to the WP and it gets hard loose sharp rock; very large ruts; steeper as well. All in all a good fun local area too go. Lots of water damage in area. Be on the look out when there u will find a few fences too Riddells Cemetery But can dive all the way around.
This was one of the first places I drove so still fun to go there when got an hour or two free. :-)

Track Logs
User ID Log Vehicle Date
25943 Tracks conditions change with water rutts all the time at the moment. Nissan Pathfinder