ripley road 2
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Track Description

easy to find this track , just follow ripley road out of ipswich throught ripley and just keep going , the road will go to dirt , then you just keep going will see a steep hill that goes up to the left then right at the bottom of the hill there is a cut out on the left and a house on the right (just being built) you can go in there on the left or go up the hill and then at the top go left and yeah off ya go 4x4 fun..

Track Logs
User ID Log Vehicle Date
19155 Have been through here few times, is a nice run through the scrub ... keep an eye open might see a wild pig darting through the scrub ... Easy going Mitsubishi Pajero Mar 13, 2013
10316 Creeks low but nice drive. Close to home and gets me off the black top. Nissan Terrano Nov 20, 2011
17576 Track was very easy, beautiful scenery. Almost no water on crossings. Track is narrow and has a few blind corners and crests, almost saw a Hilux roll (slammed the brakes on when it saw me). Holden Rodeo Apr 2, 2011
12723 Nissan Navara Aug 29, 2010
5796 Good fun. Watch out for the odd wild pig. Toyota Prado Sep 12, 2009
4355 Nissan Navara Jun 9, 2009
19155 Toyota Hilux
1365 Toyota Landcruiser