About the Track
Track Description

Great place to go for a full day of 4x4 action.

Tracks are now difficult thanks to the heavy rainfall over the last few months.

Hill Climbs, sandy creek beds, loads of great spots for recovery.

Not recommended for a stock 4x4 or one who cares to much about paintwork & panels, due to the nature of the beast.

Track Logs
User ID Log Vehicle Date
52829 F Yeah, this place was nuts! Got sideways in the sand tracks, ass out of seat on multiple declines, heaps of shit to flex on like Arnie Schwarzenegger or some shit. The entrance on Binnies Rd is closed, gotta go in via Monterea Road. Don't forget to air down, bring recovery gear, lots of sand, and occasional mud that smells like your mums rear end after a night out a singhs curry hut. Jeep Wrangler Oct 5, 2014