S6 Track and Ortons Road - Moe
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S6 Track runs off Mount Carmel Road near the end of B6 Track and continues through to join up with Ortons Road and then back out onto Moe - Rawson Road.

This track has some semi steep ascents and descents and several rutted areas, nothing too extreme though. 

You have the option to continue along S6 Track instead of turning left onto Ortons Road and this will also take you out onto Moe - Rawson Road.  ( We did not attempt this way as it was dark by the time we got there and the descent down S6 Track from this intersection was steep......didn\'t want to be stuck overnight )

Plenty of other tracks leading from this one which look good.

Overall, a medium track, only because it was wet, would be close to easy in the dry ( or daylight ). 

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