Samford State Forest - Link track
About the Track
Track Description

This is a short but fun track taking you between the 2 roads.  There are some washouts you need to avoid but a bettewr way than the blacktop.

Track Logs
User ID Log Vehicle Date
49551 Mitsubishi Triton Jun 12, 2014
38082 Kia Sorrento Aug 11, 2013
42240 Short but steep. Good opportunity to test "hill descent control". Jeep Wrangler Aug 8, 2013
40284 Steep, but easy. No problems Nissan Patrol May 25, 2013
35606 Did today in the rain, needed to pick the right track but good for its location. Nissan Navara Jan 27, 2013
36448 Nice little run. A bit rutted on the left going up. Lots of fun. LandRover Discovery Jan 4, 2013
23474 Took this little track on my way home from the Burns Rd track also. Not a bad little one. Even for a short track you have to be pretty careful where you put the feet, or you'll stop pretty quick, it is pretty steep after all. Mitsubishi Pajero Jun 17, 2012
25874 Tried this little shortcut yesterday coming back from burns rd tracks. Short but fun little track. Better than taking the road.Very steep ascend. Nissan Navara Feb 16, 2012
19155 A good little short cut run - little steeper then thought it would be ... be interesting after a few drops of H2O ;-) Mitsubishi Pajero Jun 2, 2011