Sandy Waterhole track - Mount Torrens
About the Track
Track Description

A nice track to do when wet.

A very pretty drive.

Track Logs
User ID Log Vehicle Date
33918 bone dry, 2wd could do this easily LandRover Discovery Nov 5, 2012
29198 Good fun in the wet! Mitsubishi Pajero Aug 5, 2012
17811 Straight forward scenic drive - that was until the grassy bog hole of to the side, first two shots at sloppy fun no worries - 3rd and last attempts - would believe stuck in the mud! Thanks to the local cocky and my snatch strap....never leave home without it! Even if it is just up from home! Mitsubishi Pajero Apr 9, 2012
25260 Easy in the dry, wouldn't need a 4wd in wet. Subaru Forester Jan 29, 2012
14035 pretty flat track, a couple muddy puddles which were fun, wouldnt go there in my 4wd again unless its been pissing down and gulf links rd was closed Nissan Patrol Dec 20, 2010
12619 Went today, very nice views. But you would want to do it in the wet for excitement. But apart from that it is a nice drive. Pretty flat. Have done it in a Subaru Liberty (new one) no probs (dry). Nissan Patrol Oct 24, 2010
12810 A must do in the wet. Adelaides wild weather over this weekend flooded this track. I enjoyed every second of it, even dodging the stray turtles. Nice views, great drive. Toyota Landcruiser Sep 4, 2010
11737 nice scenery, being a novice i thought it would have been a little more exciting, but was worth it for the views Mitsubishi Outlander Jun 20, 2010
11248 Very picturesque, very easy in the dry, but could be interesting in the wet Mitsubishi Challenger May 2, 2010
6888 Mitsubishi Pajero Mar 15, 2010
701 Very Dusty today but quite green in the fields. Want to go back when wet. Worth following the continuation of the track once at the bitumen. Mitsubishi Pajero Jan 3, 2010
4069 LandRover Discovery Oct 3, 2009