Sappers Track
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this track is a great it starts at either Jamo or the other side of Kevington pub, i cut my teeth on this track about 20 years ago i just love it. The GPS marks shown are starting from the Jamo end.

Start by crossing the bridge over the Jamo river just outside of town (Jamerson) heading towards Woods Point,, travel about 200 meters and turn left onto Sappers track the track is not posted but you carn't miss it, there are rubbish skips just at the start of it generaly.

The track is fairly easy to start with for the first klm with washouts a plenty, then it starts to climb. Depending on past traffic it can be quite easy or quite difficult. Most of it is shale rock all the way to the top, then you follow the ridge through the trees with a few pudles etc, down the otherside you decent much the same as going up. You will hit a few fork intersections along the way but keep right all the way. Once down into the valley it flattens out were in winter can be awesome fun trying to plough through the bog holes. Once again you start climbing washouts, rocks, etc. When you get back down into the next valley it opens up onto a grassy property bordering the Goulbourn River. Follow the track down to the river were you can cross back onto the Woods Point rd. This trip should take about an hour to do, by that time you might need a cold beer so after crossing the river turn right and travel back to the Kevington Pub. Enjoy   

Track Logs
User ID Log Vehicle Date
45604 Fun little track. Entered off the kevington end and the river wasn't too high. Probably came up to top of my rim. Not too serious, but it would be slippery if it had been raining. Good Fun for my first drive in the new truck Toyota Hilux Jan 12, 2014
13488 Mitsubishi Challenger Dec 11, 2011
12717 Easy to moderate with the river crossing being a bit difficult for standard vehicles. Needed snatching out of the exit after a few other vehicles went through. Ford Maverick Nov 22, 2010
11056 Nissan Patrol Nov 20, 2010
1430 Did this track from kevington to Jamieson after about 14 hours of continual rain. River crossing was a bit extreme, track was very wet and very slippery. 6 vehicles in all. Great fun. Would class this as hard in the wet. Mitsubishi Pajero Jul 11, 2010
6015 Track is alot of fun, river crossing has always had a good amount of water when ever i have crossed. The beer at Kevington is a good finish.There is alot of good camping along the river. Nissan Patrol Feb 2, 2010