Shaws Pocket Road Part 2
About the Track
Track Description
Shaws Pocket road is a short but interesting track.  This shown on GPS\'s and road maps as a drivable road, well it is for a 4x4 offroad vehicle.  No normal car will travel the track without leaving parts everywhere.  The track does have clay base in it and is recommended for dry weather.  Avoid any private proverty tracks , especially the Beenleigh council owned ares north of Cliff Barrons road.
Track Logs
User ID Log Vehicle Date
54451 Nissan Navara Dec 16, 2014
37329 Spend about 2 hours in here one of the tracks were steep to a hill top with amazing views Toyota Prado Aug 10, 2014
38082 Kia Sorrento Aug 14, 2013
12720 Just had a look today...need to get a group together for this! Jeep Cherokee Aug 29, 2010