Shaws Pocket Road
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Shaws Porket Road is short but interesting place. The entry into the track is moderate. Would expect it to be extreme if it rains and recovery equipment like winches recovered.  I didn't cover all the tracks in the area but that will be another trip.  It is close enough to Brisbane and Beenleigh area to do a quick trip in the morning. 

Keshi Update:
Went down to have a gaze at the track yesterday (31/12/08) in almost a stock Ford Range Dual Cab. The entrance has been washed out by rain - I didn't want to go up it, thinking its the wrong track, so I asked a local and was told I probably wouldn't make it without damage.
Because of the rain, I'd probably change the rating to a difficult.

Bismark Update:
Vennor dive access still open but open and close gate when entering. Ormeau has all levels off tracking from easy to extreme in dry weather to impossible in wet condition all up over 18km of tracks with 2 places for preparation on drivers & cars. 

Track Logs
User ID Log Vehicle Date
52065 Went there today and police and gold coast city council were there isuing $565 dollar fines for using the track. Its now a conservation area use is not permitted LandRover Discovery Sep 7, 2014
41612 Agree with Roman. Came across the same cops and council rep. Asked to leave. Weren't given the same story though. Were told some of it goes through private property and it's just a fire trail and access for energex now. Toyota Prado Sep 7, 2014
41612 I had a chat to Dad yesterday who works at GCCC and he confirmed after a chat with the inspector that was there Sunday....The Ormeau track is closed, even the council marked "roads"/tracks. They have closed it due to too many illegal activities in the forest like dumping of stolen cars and rubbish. Essentially a few bad eggs have once again ruined it for everyone else. They have placed a few signs up in the past but within hours they are gone. They know there are no gates at Upper Ormeau Rd or Shaws Pockets Rd entrances and are looking to fix that. Either way it is illegal to go their and it's a hefty fine if found there. You may come across a Crime Stoppers GU telling people you can go there, just stay on the main track. This is incorrect and the police are fuming about it. Toyota Prado Sep 7, 2014
37329 My first visit to these tracks, good fun will be back to gain experience Toyota Prado Aug 10, 2014
41612 Went out again today and explored more tracks. Really good day out. A few people were down the northern end and a few MotoX riders too. Very dry which made some bits a bit slippery with the fine dust on rocks but over all an easy and good day out. Toyota Prado Aug 3, 2014
50755 Went out on the tracks early this morn after a good bit of rain last night, still very dry and once again a lot of fun. Went right through from upper ormeau rd to the water tank and back again. Toyota Hilux Jul 27, 2014
50755 spent three hours up here this morning, very dry and rocky, the entry is a bit rutted but managed to get up there, after that the climbs and descents were quit alot of fun. headin back next weekend. Toyota Hilux Jul 20, 2014
41612 Did this today from Shaws Pocket Rd to Cliff Barrons Rd where it becomes council tarmac again. Very dry so quite easy but still posing a challenge, esp the steeper uphill sections. Very rocky on entry though and a little rutted. Lines are easy though. Diverted off to Harts Rd and only got about 1km in and the downhill ruts were beyond my own and my trucks capability. Easy roll territory and I was there on my own. Going up hill in a lifted truck with lockers is a maybe. Went back south along the ridge as well for a bit but was hungry so turned around and went home. Still plenty of tracks to explore on the next trip. Toyota Prado Dec 20, 2013
42828 Toyota 4Runner Sep 14, 2013
30886 The main track through is easy enough with decent 4wd, thrived some of the side tracks coming off and they were a lot more difficult with only 31"s and 2" lift as they were very rocky, rutted/wash out sections Toyota Landcruiser Oct 21, 2012
25264 For the first off road run of the mighty Patriot (20.01.12) i only went about 1 or 2km into the track but it handled it well and look forward to going deeper very soon! Jeep Patriot Jan 20, 2012
22303 Toyota Landcruiser Sep 11, 2011
19617 Vennor drive access rocky washed out a bit made it fun... LandRover Discovery Jun 12, 2011
16091 Went for a reccy yesterday to check it out. Despite regular rain in the last 3 months it's still in pretty good shape. Some parts are heavily washed out (E.g. can't winch through, is a go around where you can job) Got through in an ageing 86 Pajero (Petrol) 31" bighorns, no liftkit. :) Lots of fun. Mitsubishi Pajero Mar 30, 2011
10905 Toyota Hilux Surf Mar 25, 2011
11568 Great afternoon drive,some moisture next time will test us out. Suzuki Vitara Jun 13, 2010
11034 Wanted to do the Shaws Pocket road drive previous weekend but got stuck on my way there in the Cliff barrons part of the track. Not enough ground clearance on my standard Pajero. Had to turn back. Will try again after suspension lift!! Mitsubishi Pajero May 3, 2010
6765 Had an awesome time, entered from Shaws Pocket Rd and exited Vennor Drive. Few tracks were a bit worrying to attempt without a recovery vehicle or knowledge of where the track was going but still plenty of fun...went when it was dry, but i can imagine it in the wet! Crazy! Toyota Hilux Mar 25, 2010
10074 Had a lot of fun there is all different levels of driving you could do.Great in the wet. Nissan Patrol Feb 17, 2010
4514 Alot of winching required on some of the washed out parts due to heavy rain but great fun Toyota Landcruiser Dec 29, 2009
4514 Alot of winching required on some of the washed out parts due to heavy rain but great fun Toyota Landcruiser Dec 29, 2009
2102 very good track's, medium to hard in places but all in all very fun track to do, well worth a look Nissan Patrol Oct 18, 2009
4954 Entrance has been smoothed so its easy to get in. Found some good tracks in there, would be better with a bit of mud around! Nissan Patrol Sep 27, 2009
5167 Had a play up there today...lots of mud and clay. Good Fun Toyota Hilux Jul 3, 2009
4917 Mitsubishi Pajero Jul 2, 2009
4355 Nissan Navara Jun 9, 2009
4584 went up on the weekend track was alot of fun didnt have trouble with anything Toyota Landcruiser Jun 1, 2009
1419 Entrance extremely steep, washed out and impassible due to rain... =[ Ford Ranger Dec 31, 2008
1693 Mitsubishi Pajero Oct 31, 2008