Son of a Bitch Spur
About the Track
Track Description

I only drove the southern end of this track and as a novice 4x4er found it to be more exhilarating than difficult. The track is fairly rough with some small erosion gullies. It follows the ridgeline of Son of Bitch Spur and has some steep ascents and descents. A shallow creek crossing is found at the bottom of the spur (not the end of the track) but this was only c. 30 cm deep at the time of crossing.

Track Logs
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1052 track is VERY over grown most of the way fairly average condition not much to see either 2 creek crossing are small and are steep in and out. it looks as if a machine has been through and just trampled all over fallen logs crushing them lots of nasty looking twigs sticking out of the ground, good place to get a few punctures. to be honest id avoid driving until the DSE clean it up. Toyota Landcruiser Nov 17, 2013