Stannary Hills
About the Track
Track Description

The track starts near the end of Mutchilba Road just before the sharp bend on the gravel section. Although the track through the hills is a gazetted road, it starts off on private property, if you seek permission it will normally be granted.
You follow the fench line up beside the Avo trees until the first of three wire gates you will pass through. Leave the gates as you find them, which on this track is 99% of the time closed! The track has many creek crossings, though they are not deep. You will see old bridges and stone paving from the late 1800's to early 1900's era when the hills were alive with tin mining.
There are also old mine shafts and related items scattered through-out the hills but mostly up the Irvinebank end. You will come across a large dam, after the dam turn right and continue along until the T intersection where you turn left, (first sign of guide posts) a short distance along on the left side of the road is the old Stannary Hills Cemetery.
Continuing on you come to the next T intersection, turning right is the shorter way to Irvinebank for a nice cold beer at the pub. Left will also get you there, just slightly longer.

Track Logs
User ID Log Vehicle Date
3241 One section of the track had half washed away, we had to make a detour by dropping down into the creek. Toyota Hilux Jan 27, 2013
38080 Toyota Landcruiser Jul 4, 2010
38080 Toyota Landcruiser Aug 16, 2008
38346 Toyota Landcruiser Oct 20, 2006
38080 Toyota Landcruiser Oct 20, 2005
38080 Camped at the Stannary hills dam. Cold with the winter winds blowing across the dam. Toyota Landcruiser Jun 8, 2003
3241 Fairly easy going, minor track repairs needed Toyota Landcruiser Mar 5, 2002
38080 Toyota Landcruiser Mar 5, 2002