Stockton Beach
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Stockton Beach is great place and being close to Newcastle should be a place for all 4x4\'s to stop and have a play.  The sand is  fine so it can get you into trouble quickly if you are a begineer.  20lb of pressure in the tyres we get you over most problems besides stopping in a soft patch.  The dunes can by steep.
Track Logs
User ID Log Vehicle Date
48033 Honda CRV Nov 17, 2013
44101 This was my second trip to Stockton this year. Fantastic location less than 3h from Sydney. Love the dunes! Make sure you stay within the allowed areas as indicated by the map at the back of the permit. Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Sep 15, 2013
42277 Although half of the beach is closed now due to mining. still good place to visit. entrance is at Lavis Lane, Williamtown. Not hard to drive. just make sure you lower your pressure to around 20psi ;p Nissan Navara Sep 7, 2013
41357 Day trip with 12 other members. Started at Birubi end and drove to Tin City and the Sygna wreck before stopping for lunch, then going to have a play in the rva, finding one pretty decent sized dune before heading home through the Lavis Lane exit. A few recoveries, but a really good day was had by all. Nissan Xtrail Jul 21, 2013
41572 First time off road. Entered from Anna Bay, BBQ lunch halfway along the beach front then continued onto the shipwreck and a play in the RVA area. Good fun. Mitsubishi Challenger Apr 26, 2013
40506 Always a fun day out LandRover Discovery Mar 29, 2013
42277 If you have not been here and you live within 200km. Must visit! not only there are high chance this will be closed by Greens due to mining. also it's one of best dunes around sydney/newscastle area. quite easy to drive. just remember to reduce your tyre pressure. Nissan Navara Mar 23, 2013
35281 Went in Lavis Lane entry and headed right. Sand is super soft along beach but plenty of fun to be had! Subaru Forester
48033 Honda CRV Nov 16, 2012
29757 Holden Colorado Jul 4, 2012
29556 Great Fun on the Dunes!!! Good for everyone, Including first time 4x4 drivers Toyota Landcruiser May 10, 2012
27088 Hyundai Tucson Apr 13, 2012
24084 Always a fun weekend away! Ran 16-18psi and never had an issue. Take a body board to enjoy the larger dunes!! Ford Ranger Nov 19, 2011
22487 Always a great place for the whole family to have a play. Toyota Prado Sep 19, 2011
21106 best beach for 4wds Nissan Patrol Aug 10, 2011
2098 Great as allways Toyota Hilux Surf Apr 29, 2011
19165 Good day of fun. Good blend of easy sand driving (northern anna bay entrance), moderate deep sand (southern segment nearer the Sygna wreck) and hard deep sand (the back of the dunes). I got stuck as I took the 110 Landy over the first lot of dunes back from the beach. 2 tonnes of truck don't like soft sand! What's more annoying is that my dad in a BT50 cruised past laughing his ass off!!! Maxtrax and a bit of shovelling got me out. Good day out. I reckon the lighter soft roaders would eat this up. Ran about 16PSI in the tyres, seemed about right for most of the beach, could go softer in places!! LandRover Defender Apr 5, 2011
12272 Always soft in the dunes,soft and choppy on the waterfront at busy times (long w/ends,school Hols) Nissan Patrol Jan 23, 2011
10764 Did multiple trips along the beach and dunes in the Rav 4 - handled itself quiet well. Loved the Sygna wreck and the occaisional flyby of the military jets along the beach Toyota RAV4 Sep 27, 2010
11056 Nissan Patrol Sep 25, 2010
5796 Best fun i've had with my pants on!! Toyota Prado Sep 25, 2010
6015 Had great fun in sand. Nissan Patrol Sep 25, 2010
12087 this was my 3rd visit. 8psi on soft dune. but make sure you dont do a hard turn with low tyre pressure. it was raining a bit so sand was much eaasier to drive on. must visit Toyota Landcruiser Jul 16, 2010
11114 Great weather for this time of year it was camp Quality day for kids with CANCER plenty of help from all 4wd clubs on the day. Sand was good to drive on. Ford Maverick May 2, 2010
13219 Great fun. Took a bunch of mates camping and driving. 1st time off road. I was ribbed mercilessly by the lads for having a 'button' on my dash which engages 4x4. But the Escape handled it well. Tyre pressure down to 15psi. Will go back for more fun. Large sanddunes can be a bit scary... :-). Ford Escape Feb 28, 2010
11304 Toyota Landcruiser Jan 9, 2010
5728 Excellent track, lots of fun. Pretty easy going with the tyres at 14 on the beach and 12 up in the softer dunes. Toyota Prado Sep 3, 2009
450 Excellent tracks over the dunes.. I had psi of 13 which gave me no problems with getting most places on the dunes. Mitsubishi Challenger Jul 9, 2009
670 Completed this track on the Middle Earth Meetup. Tyre Pressures at 14PSI. Great fun recommend to everyone as a must do track. Nissan Patrol Jul 5, 2009
3951 Mitsubishi Challenger Apr 4, 2009
3655 awsome fun found the going easier with tyres at 15psi. got stuck behind bogged crv on track on way in 40 degrees plus this day engine got hot while we were parked on the hot sand while they moved the crv somthing to watch out for Nissan Patrol Jan 24, 2009
4853 Stockton is a very good place to have fun with your 4WD - I have been there 3 times now - it's allways different - allways soemthing new... allways fun... the first time i was there with no 4WD experience - but if you take care and use your brain - no worries at all! Mitsubishi Pajero Jan 3, 2009
4458 Always a great trip and a good day out.Mind the 4wheelers.Had to pull a Jeep out of the crap,low profile tyres and both diffs under the sand.He said he thought as it was a 4x4 it could go up the dunes.Shame. Toyota Prado Dec 28, 2008
12401 Went with few friends and had a great time Toyota Landcruiser Aug 10, 2002
451 Toyota Landcruiser