Strickland Spur Track
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Track Description
This tack has a mixture of clay and rocks, was very slippery in the wet. The rocky section of the track is drivable, diff locks would be a help, but i had to only snatch the pajero and mazda, both of which are basicly stock once. Nice challanging drive
Track Logs
User ID Log Vehicle Date
45751 Great track in the dry would be interesting in the Wet, Did the Rock steps with out to much hassle Suzuki Vitara Dec 28, 2014
53373 Drove it in the dry in an upwards direction. Big tree down after entrance to trak but you can get around it. Lots of steep rocky sections but made it up without assistance. Section close to top took a few goes to get up but a bit of a run up and momentum got us up the ledges. Took about 90 min. Jeep Grand Cherokee Oct 25, 2014
28798 loved it, will do it again... that climb never ends!! Nissan Patrol Mar 5, 2013
34795 Nice steep climb with some loose rocks, little bit of slip from rear wheels (Factory Toyota LSD) but nothing a bit of momentum wont fix. Drove up with a friend in a bog stock hilux on road tyres no problems. Toyota Landcruiser Mar 30, 2013
18746 Drove it yesterday in both directions, there was some rain but mainly still very dry. pretty str8 forward track. there are 2 tight turns that are a little steep, depends which line you take, some very loose rocks and track crumbles from under you. Good fun, but no problems. Toyota Prado Jan 9, 2013
37010 Did it on stock Pajero without lockers in dry. AT tires with 26psi. It took me 2h but wasn't too challenging. A lot of slippery rocks and steep ascends though. Mitsubishi Pajero Jan 6, 2013
29132 Did this yesterday. Yep tough climb and learn't some new expletive combos from the misses. The Triton boiled over as we got to the top - bugger! Getting that checked out today Mitsubishi Triton Nov 26, 2012
13930 Diff locks would help, but was able to get up with a bit of momentum Nissan Patrol Jul 22, 2012
18791 over grown and difficult to see where track is! Nissan Patrol May 15, 2011
17104 the track was dry and the vehicle didn't struggle but in the wet it would probably be totally different, the pajero had 31's and a Lokka Mitsubishi Pajero Mar 27, 2011
10800 Toyota Landcruiser Mar 13, 2011
10741 difficult Toyota Landcruiser Apr 2, 2010
11291 Gave this track a crack few weeks after trying the strickland link track, was rocky and there were a few very steep hills, was so close to top but couldnt get past this one rocky incline. Did snap wishbone pin on ute, diff lockers would def help, otherwise really fun track Toyota Hilux Mar 24, 2010