Stumpy Tk/Pole Tk
About the Track
Track Description

This track starts between the start of stumpy tk and where is crosess over Deveany rd. the very start of the GPS track is missing, but you can\'t miss it. good ascents and decents and ends up at Ridge Road. It has some deep ruts, is quite sandy, rocky, if you have driven stumpy tk, you\'ll love this one. slipped into one of the ruts and pushed up the side step on the cruiser. can\'t imagine it in the wet, definitely not for beginners, we were out of the car picking lines it seemed every 100 mtrs or so. 

Track Logs
User ID Log Vehicle Date
21625 Nissan Patrol Jan 10, 2013
18791 Nissan Patrol May 28, 2011
6015 Nissan Patrol Mar 1, 2011