Swamp Road & Pipeline Roads Sandleton
About the Track
Track Description

Great stretch of dirt, gravel, with mud patches.

Follow the road till the end,, approximately 10 kays., then turn right onto Pipeline Road and go along  the hills, some great ascents and descents for novice people.  The road has some mud sections,  rocky sections as well.

Track Logs
User ID Log Vehicle Date
58922 Started at the southern end near keyneton after an inch of rain overnight followed pipeline road all the way to the murray river just east of Blanchetown as i missed the swamp road turn off,,, passed a falcon wagon with a horse float through the rolling hills section so the track was just a gravel road with a few puddles from overnight rain however was a nice drive though with a bit of common sense a 2wd wouldve sufficed Nissan Patrol May 19, 2015
52189 easy drive by the sounds Toyota Prado Sep 11, 2014
13661 Swamp road, great name for this track, it starts of nice, but go down hill real fast, great action track, quite doggy in more than one spot, but the pipe line road, now that's a grate drive, plenty of ups and downs, will go back and do this one again but come in from the top and go all the way to the river Murray just north of Swan Reach. Toyota Landcruiser Jul 21, 2013
41019 great fun, really sludgy in the rain, but was worth the trip, safer to take a second car as some sections really boggy. oh i was in a ford RAIDER, but its not listed. Ford Ranger Jul 13, 2013
11737 good fun in the wet Mitsubishi Outlander Aug 16, 2010