Tea Tree Crossing
About the Track
Track Description

The Tea Tree Crossing, situated on Loop Road in the Coorong National Park, is a good test for you 4x4 and driving skills. It offers a huge sand dune, scrub and lagoon driving. The track is only accessible during late summer when the lagoon dries up and leads right down to the beach. From the you can head south and drive almost all the way to Kingston, passing the 42 Mile, Wreck Crossing, 32 Mile and the 28 Mile Crossings. Take these if you have the time as well or use them if you need to escape the rising tides. Well worth the look. 

Track Logs
User ID Log Vehicle Date
44938 Tide was out so crossing was dry. Didn't have air compressor this time so will get over the dunes next time. Park Rangers on the lookout for those flouting the Park rules. Mitsubishi Triton Dec 26, 2013
10972 Great track, summer track only. Cross sand dunes to the beach. was easy going untill around half way to 42mile. Had my tyre presure at 11.5psi which made it a bit easier, if have at 20psi bogging is likely. Suzuki Grand Vitara Jan 30, 2012
25581 Good run on this day, easy climb over the first sand hill Nissan Patrol Feb 16, 2010
12810 Toyota Landcruiser Feb 14, 2009
12810 Toyota Landcruiser Aug 24, 2007
12810 Toyota Landcruiser Mar 4, 2004
12810 Great scenery, beach driving and nice dunes Toyota Landcruiser Jan 24, 2000