Tea Tree Track - Bunyip State Forest
About the Track
Track Description

Track starts at the intersection of Forest Road, Gentle Annie Track and Tea Tree Track at co-ordinates 37 - 56.968 S and 145 - 48.945 E

Track finishes at intersection of Tea Tree Road at co-ordinates 37 - 58.420 and 145 - 47.485

Track goes downhill if done in this direction.   Some very rutted and slippery parts.

Track classified as medium in the dry.   Would be difficult in the wet.   Standard Pajero with Muddies not able to do the track going up hill.    Would also suggest lift is required.

4/1/2012 Track changed to difficult. At the end of the track near tea tree road very difficult because of ruts. High clearance need to pass this area. Rest of the track is fine.

Track Logs
User ID Log Vehicle Date
45751 After completing a few Geocaches in the area & Having lunch @` the top of Gentle Annie we headed off to Anderson we decided to head there via this track well it had rained the night before so the track from Gentle Annie was not to bad a little slippery till we got to the hill that's were the fun started My partner in Grime headed down first in a 100 series Cruiser then it was my turn well it all started of well straddling the Ruts till about half way down then the front end started to wash out & head for the wall so it was time get the tail end over all the while the GLW was thinking we were going to put it on it's side or on it's lid but we made it down on all four wheels. This Track was done with a 96 Suzuki Vitara with no lift but has 300mm Clearance to the sills No Lockers & 100 Series Cruiser With Front & Rear Lockers & 3" Lift. Suzuki Vitara Mar 30, 2014
35467 track is easy Mitsubishi Triton May 26, 2013
23121 did track in uphill direction, no challenge at all Nissan Pathfinder May 5, 2013
27188 Track has been graded,and lots of gravel put down. Very easy track. Possible in standard SUV. Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Apr 1, 2013
14170 was very greasy when i drove this track i couldnt get throught the bottom section going up had to take the chicken run ruts were too deep, rest is quite easy Nissan Patrol Jun 3, 2012
26047 Did this track in wet. The only challenging part is towards the end - there is a danger of rolling over (as we made it through we saw guys who actually rolled over in a Hilux on the final bit). Otherwise the track is fairly easy. Nissan Terrano Mar 4, 2012
17104 relatively easy going down in reltively dry conditions with a pajero on 31's, most vehicles could manage to get up in the dry by straddling the ruts Mitsubishi Pajero Feb 12, 2012
10155 Mitsubishi Pajero Mar 30, 2010
1506 First went down after it had been raining for a few days & found it to be VERY slippery, the patrol ended up sliding into a wash away & nearly got stuck, needs good tyres & to be careful in the wet. Nissan Patrol Feb 13, 2010
4199 Did this track in dry in uncles mazda bravo cooper ST piece piss in dry going up Came back in wet with my 3 day old patrol standard tyres going down form annie gap intersection slipped into wash out and one more foot sideways goodbye patrol haha got Warragul towing to get me out as they only mad blokes to do it but burns your wallet but well worth it as they only people around to do it noone else would touch it keep them in mind if ever happens to you cheers Nissan Patrol Apr 29, 2009
2696 Jeep Wrangler Jan 25, 2009
1872 Easy because it was so dry. I agree that the ruts made by modified vehicles would make it impassable if wet without significant lift (or no regard for vehicle damage.) Added GPS Track Log. Toyota Prado Jan 17, 2009
1430 Found this track after completing Gentle Annie Track. Started at the top and worked down to Tea Tree Road. Wasn't too wet, but some of the rutted hills were very slippery due to clay base. Would suggest some lift is required to avoid damage to sills and underbody as some of the grader mounds are rather extreme. Would be better in the dry. Mitsubishi Pajero Oct 19, 2008
285 Did this track in the dry... sloppy at the top, but not bad most of the way... The RAV did it with ease... We were going to try Gentle Annie, but got a bit steep for the RAV so we stopped for lunch then came down this way... Toyota RAV4 Oct 14, 2006