Tewantin to Rainbow Beach Rd via Freshwater Trk
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Track Description
This trip starts at the Shell service station on the corner of Poinciana Ave & Moorindil St. Tewantin. Head along Moorindil St and cross the Noosa River on the Ferry (Fee payable). Follow Maximillian Rd and turn right on Beach Rd. Just past the Lake Cooroibah pub on the left is the car wash/underbody spray. At the end of Beach Rd there is a small area where you can air down. This beach entry can be soft at times, turn left on the beach and head towards Rainbow Beach. Be mindful of pedestrians and fishermen as they may not be able to hear you coming over the noise of the waves. Take care as you approach the washouts. Turn left onto Freshwater Trk and follow this all the way to Rainbow Beach Rd.Pump up your tyres and turn left to Gympie or Right to Rainbow Beach.
Track Logs
User ID Log Vehicle Date
57448 Have done this track a few times also in a Holden Rodeo. Great weekend away or more. same as everyone said entrance onto beach can be soft and hardest part but overall easy track. Nissan Patrol Apr 1, 2015
50436 Went camping at Teewah Beach for a couple of nights with my son and 2 mates. Drove up the Freshwater Track to Rainbow Beach, up to Inskip Point for a look, then back down to Rainbow and back to the campsite via the Leisha Track. No problems with the tyres down to 20 lbs except on a steep upward track near the Inskip camping area when coming off the beach. Not enough ground clearance, but nothing 5 minutes and some maxtrax couldn't fix. A great couple of days out! Nissan Xtrail Jan 20, 2015
45171 First outing for the new Paj. Great track to introduce the kids to new sights and experiences. Mitsubishi Pajero Dec 29, 2013
43097 Easy driving. Entry is a little soft but the place is known as the highway for it's compact sand. During low tide you can hit 80km/hr for 75% of the beach. Worth mentioning it is a LONG DRIVE. about an hour up to double point. There are certain sections along Freshwater track that gets quite tight/impassable at high tide. Connects to Rainbow beach also tight during high tide. To get back to the starting point via the highway is a 2 hour drive. Nissan Patrol Sep 16, 2013
38807 This track was my first time on the beach. Great Fun! Mitsubishi Pajero Mar 25, 2013
28114 Great relaxing day out. Nice and easy and some good fishing to be had along the way. Gets a bit crouded at times though. Suzuki Sierra Jul 13, 2012
29309 Completed 17/6/12 , great drive along beach Nissan Terrano Jun 17, 2012
13032 great run along the beach just watch high tide and let your tyres down Nissan Patrol Jun 10, 2012
21287 nice drive upfor a camp on beach was suprised at the erosion on Rainbow beach Toyota Landcruiser Jan 6, 2012
23196 Great Drive, with some good scenery. Will be going back and hope next time the road to harry's hut is open. Nissan Navara Oct 22, 2011
18994 Great run up the beach from Noosa to Rainbow Beach on low tide, quicker than the highway. If you are doing a day trip continuing along the beach past the Freshwater Rd and taking the Leisha Track to check on the amazing bay on the other side is a must. Its really worth spending an afternoon enjoying this area. Coming back to Noosa along the Cooloola Way is a scenic drive with kangaroos and deers along the way. Jeep Grand Cherokee Sep 6, 2011
664 Nissan Patrol Mar 27, 2011
13537 Great drive along beach ....very soft exit at freshwater almmost caught me out , had to reverse as was becoming buried. Awesome first real 4WD experience. Mitsubishi Challenger Nov 7, 2010
4133 beautiful part of the world Toyota Hilux Surf Aug 21, 2010
10517 Easy as! Used 2wd most of the time and 4H on beach entries. Nice Easy drive with lots to look at. Jeep Cherokee Mar 16, 2010
11290 Nissan Navara Mar 6, 2010
30042 Awesome way to spend a day off :) Great stretch of beach Lada Niva Nov 19, 2009
5367 Freshwater was a better track before it was "upgraded" so the remains of the Cherry Venture could be trucked out. It's now an easier track but rougher, more bumpy. Watch out for traffic. We were tailgated by the NP ranger. Let him past and he was gone... Toyota Hilux Aug 2, 2009
5332 Great fun drive in my Rav V6. Didnt have any problems with any soft sand sections. Toyota RAV4 Jul 23, 2009
10822 Awesome beach run soft sand and creek/beach crossings, lovely scenic drive through the forest, also recommend the loop circuit and its a must to detour off to see harry`s hut on the lakes. Jeep Wrangler Jul 18, 2009
5136 Great drive, some soft spots off the beach but other than that really easy and cruisy Subaru Forester Jul 8, 2009
495 awesome fun! one of my fav drives Jeep Cherokee Jun 16, 2009
4954 Easy track with beautiful beach driving. Highly recommended! Nissan Patrol Jun 7, 2009
4446 Sand was very dry in the soft, got bogged once and almost another time. good for first timers as not much experience is required. Holden Jackaroo May 3, 2009
4102 Nissan Patrol Apr 17, 2009
3509 Nice and easy track fun day out other than speeders. Jeep Wrangler Feb 22, 2009
1265 good run when low tide ..lots of campers and people on the beach Toyota Hilux Dec 28, 2008
670 Nissan Patrol Nov 23, 2008
1419 Great at low tide for a quick run up the beach! Ford Ranger Nov 21, 2008
513 Great place to travel and have fun on the beach. Worth making sure you pick a out going tide if you are doing a round trip Toyota Prado Sep 26, 2008
293 Beach was very soft and chopped up badly due to holiday traffic. Nissan Patrol Sep 21, 2008
648 A little soft on the beach entrance at Tewantin but no problems. Great drive well worth doing. Nissan Patrol Sep 13, 2008
5796 Toyota Prado Jul 18, 2008
10170 Great drive. Dont get caught out at high tide. Toyota Hilux Mar 30, 2008
37329 Toyota Prado Apr 1, 2003
19155 Great time through here, sand was soft on entry ... dont forget to let the tire pressure down ... great day reccomend for a family trip you will enjoy this one Mitsubishi Pajero Dec 2, 2001
31684 Have done this track many times in my old series 3, it was the best time of driving a 4x4 the rig was not much to look at but with a good Holden motor in her and some tweaking it ran well.The fishing was great the views and wild life was spectacular camped mostly on the beach in the back of the rig.The drive from Fresh water to Rainbow was a bit harder back then as i remember.But well worth it. Had the chance to take my family to Freshwater for a couple of days in 2011, they loved it. LandRover Rover Jan 1, 1984