The Monument Track
About the Track
Track Description

This track is a short cut from Bindaree / Circuit Road up to Craig's Hut. It is steep and very loose on the bends and there a a few of these yet another nice drive to a beautiful end at Craig's hut.

Track Logs
User ID Log Vehicle Date
48063 Nice track, a few steep descents and sharp rocks and great views Mitsubishi Pajero May 31, 2014
45429 Graded recently. An X-Trail with us did it without a problem. We came down the track. Going up would be slightly harder and some rain would make it a little slippery. Toyota Prado Jan 5, 2014
24726 Good condition, not technical. Jeep Cherokee Nov 23, 2013
3981 Winter - snow+mud=slop Toyota Landcruiser Jun 9, 2012
4530 Low range played up, still did it in 4H without issue. Mitsubishi Pajero Mar 10, 2012
25581 Fun day came across a Merc suv with highway tyrs on half way along the monument track. The better half loved it, from her point of view the patrol walked over the rocky and sometimes loose terrain. Nissan Patrol Feb 26, 2012
25463 colorado, 2 inch lift, stock tyres. Did it in light rain. Reasonably easy drive, from bindaree up to craigs hut. Some switch backs in first part then a rocky section about half way up. Some moderate steps here, picked a front tyre up at one stage but go though without a scrape, extra clearence and some articulartion wouldn't go astray here because its not possible to take the ledge square on as they are robably small enought o do it. Looks like it has been washed out recently. Last bit in the snw gums going to craigs hut is pretty Holden Colorado Jan 6, 2012
13579 Mazda BT-50 Jan 28, 2012
24339 stock vehicle, stock tires, did it while wet, no issues. Mitsubishi Pajero Dec 25, 2011
15664 Excellent steep, rocky track. Bottom section would be slippery if wet, not much gravel over clay base. Toyota Landcruiser Feb 22, 2011
10800 Toyota Landcruiser Jan 13, 2011
18791 Nissan Patrol Jan 13, 2011
11118 Up to Craigs Hut, steep rock climb. Should be rated hard if wet rather than moderate. Jeep Wrangler May 1, 2010
12717 Good steep track, easier than expected from reputation Ford Maverick Mar 21, 2010
5796 Nice drive up with Barney Rubble Toyota Prado Dec 28, 2009
5933 track to craigs hut from circuit rd. Nice drive Nissan Navara Dec 28, 2009
5796 An absolutely fabulous drive. We went up and down a few times till i got yelled at. Toyota Prado Oct 29, 2009
2722 Toyota Landcruiser Nov 5, 2008
2571 Completed in the snow on ANZAC w/e Toyota Hilux Apr 25, 2008