Thompson Beach
About the Track
Track Description
Heaps of tracks all around this area. You can follow them all the way up to the canal and drive out quite far when it\'s low tide.
Track Logs
User ID Log Vehicle Date
12810 Black jelly-like sludge below the thin crusty surface.... BEWARE! Toyota Landcruiser Jan 8, 2014
27050 Done this last year. Well since then alot and i mean alot of rocks have come through the surface and there are alot of sharp ones.. The sandy bit only has 10cm deep of soft stuff. The clay/salt part of the track was dry. Beware half way up track its very narrow due to a burnt out commodore thats been there for over a year. Mitsubishi Pajero Jan 19, 2013
30585 Toyota Landcruiser Dec 2, 2012
17811 Sloppy salty torture......... Mitsubishi Pajero Jun 16, 2012
27050 Just went out at 3:30 and great little track for Begginers couple of sandy bits that were fairly chopped up only time i engaged high range. had a bit of fun only 15mins from home Toyota 4Runner Apr 7, 2012
16169 good fun track perfect for beginners... was wet when we took it and had plenty of fun. Nissan Navara Mar 12, 2011
13678 OK but not all that exciting Toyota Hilux Nov 7, 2010
12810 Toyota Landcruiser Jan 3, 2010
2062 It is possible to get take u shovel...and air Nissan Pathfinder Nov 17, 2009
2062 Keep the windows wound up early morning or at dusk when at the Canal end during summer.."Mozzy's" will eat u alive! An easy track, watch out for bikes. Nissan Pathfinder Oct 28, 2008
1053 Toyota Hilux Apr 5, 2008