Tom Groggin to Mt Pinnibar - Narriel Valley
About the Track
Track Description

Tom Grogin to Niriel through Mt Pinnibar.

This is a dry weather track only.

From Tom Grogin to Mt Pinnibar is VERY STEEP and is not for first timers. After leaving Tom Groggin you will cross the Murray River on the Victorian Border. If you have not crossed here before its a good idea to check the depth of the water as it can rise very quickly after rain. It can also be deep from melting snow. The river bed is solid so you have no worries of bogging. After crossing the Murray River, turn right and follow the track until you come to the Mt Pinibar Track where you turn Left. Its now a matter of staying on the Pinibar Track till you reach the Summit.You will cross a few rivers (usually just streams) and a few muddy sections. After a few km you will start to climb and its a long climb. Its heavy scrub on the climb but when you get closer to the Summit, the treeline will change and at the right time of the year you will be greeted my many wildflowers. Just before you reach the Summit,you will be rewarded by some great views all the way to the top.

I had good mobile phone coverage on Mt Pinnibar using Telstra Next G but don\'t know about other Networks. Its a place where you need good communications.

On the Northern Side of Mt Pinnibar there is some very muddy spots and would require good mud tires after rain. I had to use my diff locks on one spot in the dry due to hanging up on a high spot.

There are multible tracks lead off of Mt Pinnibar Track but it would be advisable to have a good map with you. I used a LPI 1:25 000 map (Tom Groggin 8524-4N) to get to Mt Pinnibar. Another excellent map to use is the Corryong-Omeo-Thredbo Adventure map availlable from Rooftop Maps. This map tells you everything you need to know. You will eventually come out on the Corryong - Omeo Road. Turn Left for Omeo or Right for Corryong.

The views from Mt Binnibar is excellent in all 360° so make sure you pack your camera.


Track Logs
User ID Log Vehicle Date
49226 Toyota Landcruiser Jun 21, 2014
41561 Was dry, quite steep but not a real problem. Nice views till we got to the top which was in the clouds. Last km or so rocky so pick a good line. Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Apr 26, 2014
22765 Did this track in reverse. Came up Scrubby Creek track which was steep but good surface, then Dunstans road and Dead Finish and Pinnibar tracks. Great views from Pinnibar with storms and lightning to the south. Descended via Pinnibar track to Tom Groggin. Track is steep and rocky but OK until we got to the steep muddy bit. By now it was pouring with rain and we only had road tyres. Slipped and slid our way down without damage but not recommended! the river crossing was knee deep and no problem. Toyota Prado Dec 26, 2013
36778 We did this on the way to Talbotville. Rained the night before. Suzuki Sierra Dec 5, 2013
6015 Nissan Patrol Jan 23, 2013
17302 Drove this again and found the track from Tom Groggin Station to Mt Pinnibar was steeper than I remember - a great thing! The sections in the valley near Tom Groggin Station are quite muddy, so definitely a dry weather track only. Near the top, the eastern track (Mt Pinnibar Track) is quite easy, and mud puddles were frozen. The climb on the northern side (still Mt Pinnibar Track) is steep and rocky but in great condition. The track to south (Shady Creek Upper Track) is narrow and probably best to avoid in wet conditions. Further north, Dead Finish Track, Walkers Track are both easy and enjoyable to drive. Toyota Prado May 12, 2012
25515 Toyota Hilux Jan 2, 2012
17302 The Mt Gibbo climb/decents are much rougher than Mt Pinnibar. There were a few rock steps which took care. Toyota Prado Apr 30, 2011
17302 Tom Groggin crossing was very easy. Later, the first inclines were slippery and rutty, done it carefully, and glad we didn't have trailers. The rest of the climb was steeper but easy when sticking to the rocks (rather than slippy/muddy dirt). We had a VERY cold night on Mt Pinnibar, but waking up to the views the next day = fantastic!! Toyota Prado Apr 29, 2011
14687 Toyota Landcruiser Feb 19, 2011
14070 excellent, steep, muddy, Nissan Patrol Dec 1, 2008
5796 Bloody steep. We did this track in reverse, that is from the top down to Tom Groggin. We actually saw an old couple driving a 4WD bus up from Tom Groggin. They had trouble but pushed on and made it without assistance. Toyota Landcruiser Jan 20, 2006