Toogoom Towers (State Forest)
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Track Description

This track is just one of many through the Toogoom State Forest. This being the most direct route from Toogoom Cane Road to the Telstra Towers. There are plenty of different situations through the tracks including steep climbs/descents, big ruts, slippery rocky surfaces, mud, and tight squeezes. Caution should be excercised during wet periods as some of the ruts are up to 1.5m Deep. It is a great place to learn or test your 4x4.

Track Logs
User ID Log Vehicle Date
53029 Heaps of tracks through here, could spend months on end without exhausting it. Very, very interesting in the wet!!! The track directly down the hill from the telecom towers (telstra towers) is completely washed out now, you wouldn't want to sneeze going down that one, or even worse coming back up!! Mitsubishi Pajero Oct 13, 2014
50816 Fun track had a few sections that were tough and a little section that i attacked too hard and car bounced a little, massive water crossings out there too, place is built to hold water. Toyota Hilux Jun 20, 2014