Toolangi Day out in Winter
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FYI: This trek was done with a 2002 NM LWB Pajero with 2inch lift and 32" Geolander A/Ts, and a stock standard 2012 Pajero LWB with Cooper A/T3s and traction control. It was a fairly easy sort of a day compared to what we used to do with our Suzuki's but fun none the less.

We started at Spraggs Road, Toolangi at about 9am and finished up at Yea around 2:30pm. Great Day out.

So this track data was originally from the trip log. We had to change a bit sue to gate closures during winter, and tracks which now no longer exist.
Obvious changes are that when the original track had done a loop somewhere and just came back to the road we just missed it or went in one direction only.
Also, I think Its called Luke Creek No 1 Track has now been closed off at the Spraggs Road end.
Anyway, I will detail the route here. I have also uploaded the Ozi Exp track. I used the Ozi for Android and it worked fantastic! Highly recommended.

Start at Spraggs Road. Follow until you get to the int of Spraggs Road and Criss Cross Rd. At this point there is a track in front of you which you will come back along to. In the mean time, Turn Left into the continuation of Spraggs Rd.

Follow along until you come to Cutter Creek Rd, Veer right into same.

At the end of this track turn hard right into a short uphill track. Forgot the name and its not on the map. It was a bit greasy and rutted but we made it no worries. This track follows the top of the ridge back to Spraggs Road. There are a few huge bog holes on this but we avoided all the big ones.

Now you should be back at the Spraggs road intersection. Turn left into Criss Cross Road. (this is where it deviates a bit from the orig track we followed. Put it in to high range and follow Criss Cross Road

Stay on Criss Cross Road. Go past Two Hills Road on Left. A bit further up is Martins track on left, CSA (around tot the right really). Turn left into Margnal Road. You will be on this one for a while.

NOTE: A short while up there is a very steep track on thr Right which will take you up to Londyke Road. We didnt have a go at this one and didnt have a look as we werent sure how long of a day this would be. But if you were inclined to have a go, at the top turn left, the next left should bring you back to Margnal Road. Next time!

So, We are still on Margnal Road and stay on here for some time. Pass Kalatha Creek Tk on left. About 1km up turn Left into Break O Day Tk. This is a nice rolling easy track. Follow for about another 1km and you will come to a closed track (Martins Tk). Take the track to the right which is the continuation of Break O Day Tk.

100m down you come to North Tk? i think it was called... Keep left. (The original track came back up this one but we left it out... and I'm glad we did). Next you are turning Right into Pylon Track. This gets steap but is well maintained so We didn't loose any grip. At the end of this track you will come to the huge overhead powerlines. Great view but I wouldnt stay too long. You might get zapped!

At the end, Hard, Hard Right. Follow the track down to the bottom, The creek here is Break o Day Creek. About 150m further on you will be turning Right into Horseyard Creek Road. This track gas some steep sections with rocks and clay. We had no trouble but some people may look at this track and say no way. This track was one of the highlights of the day. You do need some skill on this one in the wet... as it was for us. We stopped at midday half way up for lunch.

At the top of Horseyard Creek Road you will turn left in to Marginal Road. Chuck it back it to high range as we go along main roads for the next bit.

Further NOTE: Just before the bitumen you come to a 'Y' in the road. If you go right and Follow Murrindindi Road you go to camping areas and the Murrindindi Cascades.

Once you hit Murrindindi Road follow it around to the left. At the sharp Left turn you will be turning Right into SEC Road. Keep on this one. You will come to a 'Y' junction, keep right. This road is now called Ginter Road.

At SEC road (which will be under the big powerlines) you hang a hard left. There is a gate here which the track goes around. IT IS NOT A SEASONAL CLOSURE GATE so its ok to go around. Dow a bit you come to some more private gates. This road I believe is public so if you go through make sure you close the gates.

After you have been through the private property and cross the creek you are going up. Follow the track as it goes around to the right and up the hill. This is called Tower Track. It was a little un-used bu 4x4's so I sort of resembled a motorbike track. But its not paint scratchy. There were a couple of bogs on this one but nothing special.

At the end of the track you turn right again into Higginbotham Tk. This is a steep down hill which has just been graded... luck for us.

Right, again, into Ginter Road. Cross over Ault Beeac Creek and take the next track hard left. This one is called Ault Beeac Tk. It is a little over grown but I can fit down with the pajero. The first half of this track was easy with some puddles, as it follows the creek line. Then it gets steep.... I struggled a little going up. Its a steep, rocky hill and in the wet my Geolander A/T's has some traction issues. It wasn't 'poo yourself' scary but I wasnt sure at some points I would make it. In the dry I think it would be fairly easy. Anyway, this was my fav track for the day.

At the top turn left into Northeastern Rd. Follow this past Symonds Tk on Right, and turn Right into Ingrams Road. This takes you down to Black Range Road. Back in to High Range. Left into Black Range Road.

Follow Black Range Road for quite a while and If you've had enough just stay on this one and it will take you out to the end. But there is still one more track to do.

So, You will come to an intersection with 5 ways to choose from. Go strait across in to Stillman Tk. Follow Stillman Tk all the way back to Black Range Road. WARNING!!! The end of this track gets very steep. This track was aslo only recently graded so was in great condition. But it is easy to see this one becoming extreme when not looked after.

Black Range Road turns into Crabby Creek Road when it becomes bitumen. At the t intersection take a left to go to Molesworth and Yea, or go Right to go to Alexandra and the Maroondah Hwy.

The end!

Track Logs
User ID Log Vehicle Date
54841 Toyota Landcruiser Dec 26, 2014
43307 Bit disappointed did 95% of this track in 2x4 on 31” KM2 after a week of rain. Spent most of your time driving from one track to the other. Well signed and one good rocky steep incline. Passed a lot of other tracks that looked more interesting. Will have to try next time. Toyota Hilux Oct 31, 2013
23467 Went up after a week of rain and was a fairly easy track, only one steep section but no issues with ATZ 4-ribs. Toyota Prado Oct 27, 2013