Toolangi - Martins Track
About the Track
Track Description

Track starts to the left of Maginal rd. Starts by decending down to creek with a few small puddles, then continues with a shallow creek crossing. A little further on fairly steep climb. track continues on for a while which is fairly rough. At the end is a rocky climb. The track continues up steeply with large rocks to climb, need lift and larger tires (preferably 33") there is a chicken track to the right but is also erroded. In dry weather all terrains should get you through with a few dramas on the last climb. After a little rain mud tires would be needed as becomes quite slippery

Track Logs
User ID Log Vehicle Date
49606 Not too bad in the dry, some decent side angles so just take it easy. Would be a challenging track in the wet. Nissan Navara Dec 28, 2014
39493 Very wet and very slippery. Hard to get out of the ruts. Some nasty side angles going around deep bogholes so be sure to check depth. Nissan Patrol Sep 22, 2013
20062 Good fun track. The steep bits can be a bit tricky if your near the end of your group in the wet, but it's good fun! Toyota 4Runner Jun 7, 2012
14170 good fun Nissan Patrol Jun 3, 2012
24274 great fun track, river crossings not to deep, big rocky sections that need to be approached slowly on the massive up hill section. good fun track :) Nissan Patrol Dec 30, 2011