Toolangi - Rutthill trk
About the Track
Track Description

this trk is probly to be left to those with experience, slippin into a deep rut on a hill this steep can roll a 4x4 very easyly in the dry its a hard trk in the wet i would not attemp at all.

 to exact GPS co ords. off my unit for the start of the trk are  37 20\" 31\' S 145 33\" 54\' E

comeing from limestone its on your left 2 ways to enter option 1 is a very deep bog hole (i dont recomend) option 2 is an easy creek crossing, from there its up an easy section of trk with a bog hole a few meters up after that it soon comes to the hard part its a hill thats very rutted and steep.

 good luck i nearly rolled my 4x4 i was lucky it came back in one peice

Track Logs
User ID Log Vehicle Date
39493 Very wet and track was impassable. Deep ruts and side angles made it quite difficult to reverse down. Nissan Patrol Sep 22, 2013