About the Track
Track Description
Turn left at the fire station as you are heading out of town towards Cairns. The area is full of tracks, everything from very difficult to easy. You could spend weeks in there exploring all the tracks. Be sure to keep your eyes open for dirt bikes though.
Track Logs
User ID Log Vehicle Date
843 2013/2014/2015 Toyota Landcruiser Apr 9, 2015
46675 Good place to explore. Been there often due to ease of access and proximity. Went through they day after cyclone Ita hit, and it was slippery with loads of deep crossings. Some completely impassable / severly flooded. Been spending a bit of time with a few mates gaining crawling experience through some of the rutted spots getting used to the LWB Colly. There is such a variety I hope they do not close it off. It would seem to be "illegal" from the south side, but the north entry is all open and no signage. Holden Colorado Apr 13, 2014
40082 Jeep Wrangler May 27, 2013
3241 aka Mount Louisa Toyota Hilux Feb 22, 2013
18141 Excellent area to play have spent 5 weekends in here and am still finding new places, couldn't attempt the really hardcore bits but friends did and had a blast highly recommended for a bit of fun Subaru Brumby Jun 12, 2011
4478 was good fun. some interesting moments in the washouts (no lift kit). cant wait to hook up with otheres out there. drop a line if ya keen Mitsubishi Triton May 7, 2009
2805 Went down and met up with 6 other trucks, was an absolute blast of a day with all kinds of tracks and challenges. Had some interesting moments being the least capable truck out there, but the Hilux went hard and I can't wait to get back out there! Toyota Hilux Mar 29, 2009
2805 Went for a quick look while checking out a house nearby. Some very awesome potential, can't wait to get out here for a few hours. Toyota Hilux Jan 8, 2009
2469 Played here in the dry but can imagine the fun in the wet. Mitsubishi Pajero
1635 Toyota Landcruiser Apr 9, 2002