Treeroot Loop
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Track Description

This track spins-off from the bottom of Wombat flats steps, via the two cut-aways into the creek crossing. As you cross the creek there is a steep incline track which is the start of the 3 hr Loop taking in Treeroot. Treeroot is a steep and rocky 250 mtr climb which near the top is an off-camber step.originally called treeroot becuase of a large treeroot step at the very top of the climb. High clearance is advisable for this climb, the chicken track is the left track which has become rutted over time, is very loose and slipper but can be ascended in a near stock 4WD with All terrain tyres.
Once at the top of treeroot there is a tight left hand turn, follow this and take the next left turn, this will take you on a loop back to the bottom near the creek crossing. This loop track takes you to the bottom of the valley with plenty of rock crawling, requiring good wheel placement to minimise panel damage. Once at the bottom there is a good incline climb of rocks with lockers being required to get over them. To the left there is a steep dropaway (cliff) and to the right is a wall of rock hence not providing much choice in line . Midway the track forks off with the left being the most reasonable option to take with good steps to climb. The track straight ahead is just crazy requiring huge lift and tyres to get over the bolders but once you get to the top you are back on the treeroot track, turn right and your on your way back to the creek.

Track Logs
User ID Log Vehicle Date
11004 Done ;) see my comment below Mitsubishi Pajero Oct 24, 2012