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this is a steep rocky track with 12 switchbacks and a small river crossing. The track is in a well maintained state consisting of mainly loose rock. Would be difficult to extremly difficult in the wet.

Track was re-graded prior to Labour Day weekend 2012 from Aberfeldy Road down to river. 2nd gear low range smooth climb back up to CMF track crossing. Too much water after the recent rains to attempt a crossing up to the switch backs.

Track Logs
User ID Log Vehicle Date
11056 Nice track Should properly be rated as a black run now as is rarely worn A hilux also rolled on this track this weekend Nissan Patrol Jan 26, 2015
42404 Coming down from the Thompson dam side its getting a little rutted out. Switch backs are in good condition. Loved this track Isuzu D Max May 21, 2014
42992 Great switchbacks with awesome views. Section above steep with loose surface, few small ruts. Great campsite at the bottom Subaru Forester Apr 8, 2014
25950 2x disco 3's on road tires! Down and up From Wal' rd east NE through to S track - great to get the heart pumping on the steep sections. Dry day following previous day of rain left tacky track and dry rock. Good tires for the wet recommended. LandRover Discovery Mar 9, 2014
28798 walk in a park before you hit the good ones up ahead.. Nissan Patrol Mar 24, 2013
17563 You've got to love switchbacks for this one. Well maintained track, quite steep with loose stones. River crossing had a number of large submerged rocks to be wary of. Toyota FJ Cruiser Dec 9, 2012
25466 steep, would have to winch in the wet, but rather easy in the dry, track in excelent condition but the creek crossing is a bit soft Toyota Landcruiser Nov 29, 2012
1052 currently this track is hard, if you are heading up the swithcbacks just around the last turn some one has dug rutts out it the rock and its fairly hairy getting past it. very steep very rocky did take a few attempts to complete well worth the scare. good tyres, clearance and lowrange are needed Toyota Landcruiser Dec 27, 2010
360 Did this track yesterday for the first time and had a ball, very sandy and rocky and STEEP, I got stuck on the 2nd last switchback but forced my way out of it(probly shouldve lowered my air pressures). Ill definately be going back for seconds but certainly not in the wet...Heres a few vids i took while up there..... Mitsubishi Triton Apr 4, 2010
3477 Holden Jackaroo Feb 21, 2010
12717 Did this with a mate, switchbacks were a pain, but sitting on the Wallhala side of the valley looking at the track thinking "I'm going there...!" is a bit cool. Ford Maverick Oct 14, 2009
774 Toyota Landcruiser May 18, 2009
762 Great track the switchbacks are easy if driven the correct way, would be a very different track in the wet,Maybe that's why it's seasonally closed. Toyota Landcruiser May 18, 2009
4396 Got over the switch back but the climb out was steep Nissan Patrol Apr 25, 2009